Rushcliffe and West Bridgford Green Party

Sue and Richard MallenderSue and Richard Mallender are your local councillors on Rushcliffe Borough Council, representing Lady Bay ward.

We work to represent your views and to bring Green policies to Rushcliffe.

You can contact us by phone or email: (07976 775619) and (07788 736468).

Sue is a member of the Development Control Committee, Local Development Framework Group and Standards Committee. Richard serves on the Alcohol & Entertainments Licensing Committee, the Partnership Delivery Group, Member Development Group, Leisure & Civic Centre Relocation Group, Strategic Growth Board and West Bridgford Economic Growth Board, and regularly attends Cabinet meetings in an observer status. We both attend and speak at meetings of the full Council.

Thank you to the hundreds of you continuing to vote Green Party across the borough. If you have any issues or concerns please do get in touch, we or our local contacts will do our best to help.

County Council Stumped by Trees in Lady Bay

Richard and Sue with tree stump

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Lady Bay was mainly laid out in the Victorian era, with all the typical features of the time, including a good number of street trees. Over the decades many have needed replacing, a task which these days falls to Nottinghamshire County Council.

In recent years, working with the Lady Bay Community Association, we have kept track of which ones had been removed and chase up the county to replace missing trees as quite often they simply tarmac over the hole and leave it at that. On this occasion all but the stump of the tree had been left, much to the annoyance of local residents.

They, and we, contacted the county but on this occasion there was no response. So we thought a bit of direct action was called for. (If the county really want it they can have it back, otherwise it'll be a good home for beetles and wood-boring creatures!)

Ever wondered where your recycling goes?

Mansfield Materials Recovery Facility

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Mansfield Materials Recovery Facility

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Mansfield Materials Recovery Facility

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Eventually it gets turned into new products, cutting down waste and reducing the need to use up further resources. But the first place it goes to is the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Mansfield. This is where it is sorted, baled and prepared for shipment to commercial companies for re-use.

Councillor Sue Mallender recently went on a tour of the site to see how it all operates - from unloading and sorting, through separating the metals plastics paper and card, through to baling and packaging. The people at the Mansfield MRF can sort up to 85,000 tonnes of materials each year, but the first part of the process starts with us taking care to put the right items in our blue bins.

It can't sort out glass, so we need to take that to our local bottle banks. We'd love to see kerbside collection of glass in Rushcliffe, and we will keep making the case for it, but in the meantime it has to be the bottle banks.

It can take plastic bottles but not the screw tops, because they are made of a different type of plastic which if it gets in the mix renders the whole batch useless for recycling. Please don't put plastic bags or clingfilm in the blue bins either as these have the same effect.

For a full list of what you can and can't recycle in your blue bin, please visit the Mansfield MRF website at

The site offers tours and educational information and anyone can arrange a visit. Let's make Lady Bay the best in Rushcliffe for recycling!

Last updated: 25th April 2015. Committee appointments updated September 2015. Archive

Rushcliffe in Brief


We are often asked who to contact about these topics. You can find out more about both on the Road Maintenance page of Nottinghamshire County Council's website.

Some grass cutting is also carried out by Rushcliffe Borough Council and by Parish Councils outside West Bridgford.

Local Election Candidate Spotlight


Neil PinderI am Neil Pinder and I am your sole Green Party candidate for Keyworth & Wolds ward in Rushcliffe.

I have been a Parish Councillor for over six years and I am ready to bring my enthusiasm for good things to the Borough. I'm a wildlife enthusiast (I manage Keyworth Meadow, I'm treasurer to the South Notts Group of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and I'm on Rushcliffe's Nature Conservation Strategy Group. I also help out with the Barn Owl Project) and wildlife depends on rich, diverse environments. If elected I will try to ensure that Rushcliffe (already a great place to live) becomes greener – in every sense of the word!

There's more about me here:

and here:

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