June 8th 2017 general election statement

21 April 2017

Help select a candidate for your constituency


Nottingham Green Party welcomes the announcement of a general election taking place on the 8th of June 2017.

We believe the country requires a radically different direction and will put our case across locally and nationally for this.

Our vision is a positive and bold step in the direction of a United Kingdom which not only supports social justice, environmental protection and human rights, but is proud of our open, liberal and outward facing culture.

In 2015 we had our best results at the polls to date and we look forward to continuing and increasing this momentum in the coming months.

The Nottingham Green Party is now undergoing a selection process to field a talented and diverse list of candidates for the General Election. All our local members will be able to put their case forward to stand as a candidate for Parliament and the Nottingham Green Party will decide our candidates in the bottom up democratic style we are proud to adhere to.

Those wishing to get involved in the general and local elections can find out how by following us on Facebook or Twitter, checking our website and directing any questions to contact@nottingham.greenparty.org.uk.

Press enquiries: press@nottingham.greenparty.org.uk