Nottingham Green Party backs Greenpeace calls to ditch coal

26 September 2014

Greenpeace People Vs Coal logoNottingham Green Party has backed calls by Greenpeace for the ditching of dirty coal power after their action1 near Cottam Power Station. Greens believe that we must transition away from fossil fuels to prevent additional climate change and instead support renewable alternatives. The People's Climate March last weekend2 demonstrated huge demand from people all around the world for action on climate change.

Adam McGregorAdam McGregor, Chair of Nottingham Green Party, said: "Climate change is a serious issue but the politicians from other parties aren't giving it the attention it deserves. It is already having a real impact on people all over the world. The climate march has shown global solidarity for those affected and hope for a future that's just, sustainable and allows everyone to live in prosperity. Polluting coal power can't be part of that future, but we absolutely must support mining communities through that change."

The Green Party are calling for fossil fuels to be phased out as quickly as possible, replacing them with renewables. A "Green New Deal"3 of massive investment into renewable generation and energy storage and efficiency would create thousands of jobs and stimulate the economy.

For further quotes or information contact Duncan Davis, Nottingham Green Party press officer: / 07506764030.





Image credit: Greenpeace