Morris Findley, Green Party candidate for Sherwood

Morris Findley, Green Party candidate for SherwoodMorris is a Youth Worker and believes in protecting public services and spaces, in order to guarantee a strong future for Sherwood.

After working with children for many years, he wishes to stand up for the next generation by improving local schools and protecting everyone’s right to a high-standard, free education.

In Sherwood, he will work to save the local NHS services - maintaining quality and public healthcare for years to come.

With the help of your vote, Morris will also be able to ensure the ongoing protection of local wildlife; including the world-famous Sherwood forest.

Through extensive charity and community work, Morris has tried to work for a fairer and safer Britain, but this does not seem to be the goal of the current government.

The Green Party is already represented in Nottinghamshire, and is rapidly growing; change can happen if you choose to vote Green.

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