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We believe there is a real opportunity for a place like Gedling to develop as somewhere which is both good to live in and ready for whatever the future might throw at us.


Jim Norris
Jim Norris
Margret Vince
Margret Vince
Jeannie Thompson
Jeannie Thompson


The Green Party in Gedling

Over the last few elections it has become the norm for the Green Party to put up candidates in elections in Gedling. We have stood in Gedling Borough elections, in County Council elections and in 2015, for the very first time, we put up a candidate in the General election.  Not only did we achieve a very creditable result for a first effort, 1534 votes, but we were pleased with the positive response we achieved from people across the constituency.

There are a number of promises that we can make:

  • That we will continue to fight in elections with the eventual target of becoming a Party of choice across Gedling
  • That we will continue to put forward excellent candidates who live in Gedling and are committed to Gedling and the wellbeing of its people.
  • That we will fight elections at local level on local issues that are of keen interest to local people.
  • That our solutions will NOT be bound by the old fashioned views and policies of the old parties.

What Next in Gedling?

The next Nottinghamshire County elections are in 2017.

Let’s face it – Nottinghamshire County Council is a mess. If either of the two main old parties is elected, the mess will continue.

The worst of it is the application of the planning regulations. Bit by bit, drop by drop, field by field, wood by wood, the edges of Gedling are disappearing. Flood plains are being built on, the Council is failing in its responsibilities for footpaths, fracking is on the way.

ONLY the Green Party and its candidates are committed to saving the Green Belt and saving the environment that is so severely under threat in Gedling.

For anyone who is concerned about these issues there really is only us who will fight for you.


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