About Us

Here you can find out about the Nottingham Green Party's structure and how we operate.

Our area

Nottingham, Gedling and Rushcliffe within NottinghamshireNottingham Green Party covers the area of the City of Nottingham, the Borough of Gedling and the Borough of Rushcliffe within the county of Nottinghamshire.

We stand candidates in the parliamentary constituencies of Nottingham North, Nottingham East, Nottingham South, Gedling and Rushcliffe, and in local elections for Nottingham City Council, Gedling Borough Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council, the respective areas in Nottinghamshire County Council elections, and campaign in other governmental elections and referendums that may take place in the area.

We sometimes also stand in elections taking place nearby where there is no local party covering the area.

We often have stalls at community events in and around Nottingham, for example at May Day meetings, at the Nottingham Green Festival, Pride, the Summer Gathering in West Bridgford and at Transition Town events throughout the year.


How the party is run

The Nottingham Green Party is governed by its Constitution, a document which is available to read on the members' site.

The day-to-day running of the party is done by the Executive Committee, who are elected every year at the party's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November. Each Officer of the Committee has a different responsibility e.g. chairing meetings, taking care of the finances, co-ordinating campaigns, or supporting our election candidates. They perform all their work as volunteers and receive no remuneration. The AGM is also where we review the Constitution and make changes.

The business of the party is conducted at its monthly meetings, to which all members and supporters are invited. At the meetings, we have guest speakers on pressing political issues; we draft, debate and vote on policy; we hear updates from our elected representatives and Executive Committee; and we enjoy complimentary hot beverages and biscuits!

We aim to operate as democratically as possible. Monthly meetings (and AGMs) are where we hear motions that commit the party to certain courses of action. Any member can submit a motion, and after sufficient debate at the discretion of the Chairperson, the motion is voted on. If passed by a majority, the Executive Committee must carry out its instructions, or, if it is a policy motion, it becomes the official position of Nottingham Green Party.

If you'd like to attend our meetings, we aim to foster as welcoming and inclusive an environment as possible. For more information about when and where our meetings take place check the Get Involved section.